Milestone QuickSync Beta

Completed 3 years ago (05/18/13 16:27:02)


An Intel Sandy Bridge, Ivy Brige or Haswell CPU with Intel's HD graphics chipset enabled. Ivy Bridge or Haswell are recommended for best results.

Windows Vista, 7 or 8 (64-bit editions only).
Please note that due to an issue with mp4v2 and the latest GCC, we cannot provide 32-bit builds at this time.

We highly recommend running Intel's iGFX driver 15.31.3071 or later for best results.

What is accelerated?

  • Decoding: H.264 only. VC-1 and MPEG-2 may come later.
  • Filters: De-interlacing.
  • Encoding: H.264 encoding via Quick Sync Video.


Simply select the "H.264 (Intel QSV)" encoder option from the "Video Encoder" dropdown menu on the "Video" tab.
For hardware-accelerated deinterlacing, use deinterlace custom with "qsv" (without quotes). This will only work when QSV is also used for video encoding.

Multiple GPUs

If your motherboard has a LucidLogix? VirtuMVP chipset, then you can add HandBrakeCLI.exe on their control panel and set it to use the integrated GPU.

Known Issues

  • Many CPU-based filters do not yet work correctly.
  • Some CPU-based filters should work (e.g. subtitle burn-in), but are very slow due to memory copying. If you must use a filter that runs on the CPU, we recommend using use the x264 encoder for now.
  • Framerate conversion is not yet supported.

New in SVN 5671 build

  • support for Intel Media SDK API 1.7 (including lookahead on Haswell, note: driver support required)
  • many timestamps-related fixes, should hopefully improve A/V sync
  • fix chapter markers being dropped when encoding with QSV
  • fix generation of Decode Time Stamps with Media SDK APIs prior to 1.6 (Sandy Bridge or old drivers)
  • fix H.264 SPS/PPS not being set when using the MKV container
  • fix subtitle burn-in filter
  • fix an issue where QSV was detected as available but failed to initialize if the Intel GPU was active but not the default graphics adapter
  • miscellaneous other fixes and improvements

Bug Reports

If you have any problems or comments please post in our in our General or bugs forum.

Please bear in mind this is one of the first builds with this feature enabled as such there will be bugs and incomplete features.


Thanks go to the folks at Intel for providing this patch and helping us integrate it into HandBrake.

Note: See TracRoadmap for help on using the roadmap.