20:09 Changeset [1200c74] by cleaner <mika.ryynanen@…>
Moved initialization of default preferences from [PrefsController?
16:46 Changeset [7ff9af9] by cleaner <mika.ryynanen@…>
Typo fix and test of commit rights. git-svn-id: …


19:59 Changeset [c6e6847] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Make Debug window non editable. - can still copy and paste …
19:55 Changeset [2106d23] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Add stdout to the Debug Inspector window - thanks again to …


21:20 FramerateGuide edited by jbrjake
Minor corrections for what MacGui labels actually say. (diff)
16:31 HandBrakeGuide edited by jbrjake
Links in FramerateGuide (diff)
16:28 FramerateGuide created by jbrjake
It is absolutely pathetic we need a wiki page like this. Borderline …


15:16 Changeset [abd735d] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: update scancontroller to help fix the HB floating window …


20:24 Changeset [e9fd0fa] by jbrjake <jb.rubin@…>
MacGui: switches the x264 option widgets for mixed-refs, weightb, …


23:08 SupportFAQ edited by rhester
Reverted dummy change (diff)
22:51 SupportFAQ edited by rhester
Ignore the man behind the curtain (and this dummy change) (diff)
20:27 x264Options edited by rhester
Another dummy change for testing purposes only (diff)
20:21 x264Options edited by rhester
Dummy change, no actual change (diff)
18:39 x264Options edited by jbrjake
Regress to version 6 (diff)
18:17 x264Options edited by rhester


16:42 Changeset [f30f744] by jbrjake <jb.rubin@…>
MacGui: adds deblocking widgets for the x264 advanced options tab. God …


16:50 Changeset [7f232a9] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Debug Window to read libhb output like cli in inspector window …


17:36 x264Options edited by jbrjake
Adds a list of equivalent option names and rules on what option names … (diff)
16:31 Changeset [d7154d2] by jbrjake <jb.rubin@…>
MacGui: finishes out the b-frame x264 options by adding widgets for …
13:33 x264Options edited by jbrjake
Removes no-dct-decimate from the listed x264 options used in presets, … (diff)
01:55 Changeset [ea7007e] by awk <awk@…>
git-svn-id: svn://svn.handbrake.fr/HandBrake/trunk@590


16:34 Changeset [2d0944e] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Remove x264 option "No DCT-Decimate" value from option strings …


20:18 WikiStart edited by jbrjake
Link to SupportFAQ page instead of website FAQ. (diff)
20:08 SupportFAQ edited by jbrjake
Adds in everything from the website faq, as general and dev sections. (diff)
19:32 HandBrakeHistory created by jbrjake
Almost exactly word for word what's on the website -- obviously it …
19:22 Containers edited by jbrjake
Minor tweaks. (diff)
19:14 Sources edited by jbrjake
Sorry, I'm a grammar freak. (diff)
17:16 Containers edited by latchkey
Added some details about what a container is and what features the … (diff)
17:14 Sources edited by latchkey
Fleshed out background information about sources and pros and cons of … (diff)


18:34 Changeset [ed10e79] by jbrjake <jb.rubin@…>
MacGui: adds x264 option widgets for b-rdo, weight, and b-pyramid. And …
14:43 Changeset [5b428a9b] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
macGui: move "Duration" to the title/chapter line for source and move …
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