20:19 Changeset [51a0dfd] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Disable DVD Drive Auto-Detect option in preferences. - this …
16:59 Changeset [fbab2d39] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Remove Preference introduced in rev 620 to make users enable …
15:56 Changeset [8905d54] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: + 4 GB Mpeg-4 modification - adds a preference in the …
15:04 Changeset [7b313a2] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Enable + 4GB Mpeg-4 file output - Add a checkbox under …


18:44 HandBrakeGuide edited by sr55
Fixed broken Link (diff)
18:43 HandBrakeGuide edited by sr55
Updated links for new guide for Windows platform (diff)
18:41 WindowsGuiGuide edited by sr55
Updating the Windows GUI Guide - First Draft for 2.2.5 (diff)
18:41 Changeset [29ee70dd] by jbrjake <jb.rubin@…>
Finally recommitting clee's patch from r518 to allow 64-bit mp4 files …
18:17 WindowsGuiGuide created by sr55
Version 2.2.0 of the Handbrake Guide. Images not uploaded yet. Guide …
18:05 Changeset [e9b8e1d] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
One last update. Missed the image files. That should be all the …
18:00 Changeset [62fc0ca] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
git-svn-id: svn://svn.handbrake.fr/HandBrake/trunk@616
17:48 Changeset [babd310] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
Windows Source Code git-svn-id: …
17:47 Changeset [a69ea7b] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
Moving Windows Folder git-svn-id: …
16:07 Changeset [c966014] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Add Turbo option for x264 two pass encoding - Adds a Turbo …
14:19 Presets edited by dynaflash


03:39 Changeset [7bf643d] by jbrjake <jb.rubin@…>
Disables extra audio tracks so they don't all play over the main audio …


17:07 Changeset [ae1b00d] by cleaner <mika.ryynanen@…>
MacGui: Proposal for replacing UpdateUI timer in HBController. HBCore …


07:19 VBVRateControl edited by saintdev
Oops, left some stuff out. (diff)
06:46 VBVRateControl created by saintdev
Add the IRC logs on VBV Rate Control.


16:44 SupportFAQ edited by sr55
15:14 HandBrakeGuide edited by sr55
Just pointing out the Windows GUI (diff)
15:12 HandBrakeGuide edited by sr55
Audio is a title, not a page. (diff)
06:52 TechnicalDocuments created by saintdev
A collection of Technical Documents related to various parts of …
06:34 WikiStart edited by saintdev
02:24 Changeset [30a46e6] by jbrjake <jb.rubin@…>
Should fix jam building of the MacGui, which broke when the …


20:05 Changeset [bdfe894] by cleaner <mika.ryynanen@…>
Debug output window is now opened automatically if it was visible when …
19:44 Changeset [4f6c1e4] by cleaner <mika.ryynanen@…>
- Removed obsolete 'DefAdvancedx264FlagsShow' preference setting - …
17:12 Changeset [c28fb99] by cleaner <mika.ryynanen@…>
- Moved preferences window from MainMenu?.nib to Preferences.nib - …
02:09 Changeset [98d438e] by jbrjake <jb.rubin@…>
A big batch of patches from eddyg. Adds following options to the CLI: …


20:09 Changeset [1200c74] by cleaner <mika.ryynanen@…>
Moved initialization of default preferences from [PrefsController?
16:46 Changeset [7ff9af9] by cleaner <mika.ryynanen@…>
Typo fix and test of commit rights. git-svn-id: …


19:59 Changeset [c6e6847] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Make Debug window non editable. - can still copy and paste …
19:55 Changeset [2106d23] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Add stdout to the Debug Inspector window - thanks again to …


21:20 FramerateGuide edited by jbrjake
Minor corrections for what MacGui labels actually say. (diff)
16:31 HandBrakeGuide edited by jbrjake
Links in FramerateGuide (diff)
16:28 FramerateGuide created by jbrjake
It is absolutely pathetic we need a wiki page like this. Borderline …


15:16 Changeset [abd735d] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: update scancontroller to help fix the HB floating window …


20:24 Changeset [e9fd0fa] by jbrjake <jb.rubin@…>
MacGui: switches the x264 option widgets for mixed-refs, weightb, …
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