22:28 Changeset [b1052e2] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Removed some old unused settings code from app.config …
22:26 Changeset [a645006] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Fixed an incorrect namespace git-svn-id: …
22:25 Changeset [d7a7049] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Moved the plist and query parsing code into new Utility …
22:13 Changeset [c9c50d6] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: refactor --enable-gst option change to --disable-gst and make …
21:48 Changeset [e9b4516] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: remove automatic m4v extension substitution Preference option …
21:29 Changeset [c000c50b] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Refactor the preset service and move to the Application …
19:57 HandBrakeGuide edited by sr55
19:55 HandBrakeGuide edited by sr55
19:55 x264Options edited by sr55
Added a note about x264 presets and tune. (diff)
19:50 x264Options edited by sr55
Tidy up the x264 options page. Replace the Options section with links … (diff)
01:00 Changeset [f658106] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Use the correct ffmpeg codec id for eac3 in BD git-svn-id: …


23:18 Changeset [f839f41] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: add CFR option for "Same as source" framerate. Since there …


16:38 Changeset [5eac1c0] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: add new preset methods to HBPresets.h - Suppresses warnings - …


09:50 Changeset [9d026a4] by saintdev <no-reply@…>
libhb: Disable managed mode for Vorbis ABR. Disable managed mode for …


21:17 Changeset [ad09ba9] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: add build requirements to rpm spec file git-svn-id: …
15:00 Changeset [c0ac2af] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Started Hooking up the WPF main window. Initial events …


21:41 Changeset [b55c482] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Initial Layout of the WPF Main Window. git-svn-id: …
18:02 Changeset [afcbfbd] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Refactored some more code out of the UI project into the …


21:55 Changeset [c3940c57] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Fix a possible exception in the CLI detection code. …
21:51 Changeset [5daa72f] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Add initial WPF project. (Uses MVVM, Caliburn 1.1) This …
21:33 Changeset [0f591a4] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Update the Caliburn library dll files. git-svn-id: …


03:41 Changeset [a4f40e0] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: change order of libs on link line to fix unresolved symbols …
03:39 Changeset [089ed18] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
patch ffmpeg mov demuxer to handle LE UTF16 chapter names …


22:35 Changeset [0d0845ba] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: In Preferences, Instead of the old "Use iTunes / iPod friendly …
20:08 Changeset [10aed84] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Set culture on drc string -> double conversion. git-svn-id: …


21:44 Changeset [a40e7e9] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: fix title dropdown bug when title name has '&' in it …
21:05 Changeset [4314fb0] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Quick Hack to fix nightly build git-svn-id: …
17:32 Changeset [7d2042e] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
x264 bump from r1834 to r1867 - Various enhancements and bugfixes. …


18:57 Changeset [cc8b364] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
fix ffmpeg multiple audio decode issue we can now have one ffmpeg …


19:50 Changeset [95c87ad] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Switch to .NET 4 Client Profile (Far smaller download size …
19:12 Changeset [01dec62] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Remove the old interop code folder. It's not used. …
17:27 Changeset [f86fc4f7] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: fix typo git-svn-id: …


21:36 Changeset [21d7455] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
CLI: Add some extra carriage Returns (thanks rodeo( …
21:25 BuiltInPresets edited by sr55
typo (diff)
21:15 Changeset [effb3f3] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
fix problem with large ssa subtitle batches stalling the pipeline. ssa …
21:12 WindowsGuiGuide edited by sr55
21:12 Win095.png attached to WindowsGuiGuide by sr55
Updated Screenshot
21:10 WindowsGuiGuide edited by sr55
20:51 MacGuiGuide edited by sr55
20:50 Mac.png attached to MacGuiGuide by sr55
Mac Gui Main Window
20:50 Mac.3.png attached to MacGuiGuide by sr55
20:46 Mac.2.png attached to MacGuiGuide by sr55
Updated Image
20:41 HandBrakeGuide edited by sr55
Fixed Link (diff)
20:41 HandBrakeGuide edited by sr55
Updated Links (diff)
20:40 MacGuiGuide edited by sr55
20:39 MacGuiGuide edited by sr55
20:39 MacGuiGuide created by sr55
A Quick Guide to encoding with the Mac Gui. (Draft)
20:15 Changeset [f1cda3c] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Remove Deleted Queue.cs file from solution. git-svn-id: …
20:14 Changeset [acf961a] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Remove the limitations on the numeric widgets on the Picture …
19:11 Changeset [fe328807] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Switch over to the new queue processor service. Please …
17:42 Changeset [a1439b0] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Some updates to the new queue processing code. (still not …
14:26 BuiltInPresets edited by sr55
fixed typo (diff)
14:10 UpdatingContribs edited by sr55
Updated instructions. (diff)
13:59 TechnicalDocuments edited by sr55
Link to the page describing the commands and formats of library updates. (diff)
13:58 UpdatingContribs created by sr55
A page containg information on updating various libraries in …


18:37 SupportFAQ edited by sr55
Added note about .NET 3.5 Errors (diff)
17:39 Changeset [994040e] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
fix double free in handling of last CC message the code dealing with …


19:46 Changeset [7deffcb] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Force reset some versioning settings when the handbrake gui …
19:43 Changeset [6d44f4d] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Switch to using a SHA1 hash of the cli executable to make …


20:07 Changeset [0b05e9e] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Missed some updates from from 3739 git-svn-id: …


14:57 Changeset [39f2230] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Further Application Services refactoring * Updates to the …
14:37 Changeset [49c0290] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Continuing on with the Application Services re-factoring: * …
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