14:35 Changeset [74ed87c] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: fix spelling error git-svn-id: …


15:57 Changeset [e06c194] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Make order of audio tracks found in PS streams more predictable Since …
15:32 Changeset [c9fd5732] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Fix a problem when encoding the same source audio track twice from BD …
14:23 Changeset [c510a6e] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Simplify HBDVDDetector bsdName creation - Instead of lazily …


03:12 Changeset [f4e7ce6] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
fix stall due due to propagation of incorrect audio timestamp Was …
01:26 Changeset [798542e] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Change scale factor for timestamp offset in vobsub commands Testing …


14:33 Changeset [ac7beb6] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Another fix to make sure a valid mixdown is set when …
14:24 Changeset [4b6453f] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Multiple bug fixes to the Audio Panel. (Disable DRC for non …


18:07 Changeset [47221be] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Added new substitute option to the AutoName? default path …
14:51 Changeset [63a726b] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Add support for TrueHD and DTS-HD from BD sources TrueHD and DTS-HD …


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Added some extra links (diff)
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Added a section about MP4/M4v (diff)
16:12 Changeset [263b4ff] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
bump x264 from r1924 to r1937 git-svn-id: …
16:01 Changeset [2b950e8] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: Simplify some code in the hud compositor git-svn-id: …
16:00 Changeset [07a9c6f] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
remove unused vfr member of hb_job_t git-svn-id: …
13:09 Changeset [167db7f] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Added "Custom" option to the Add Preset Window. git-svn-id: …
12:51 Changeset [4c783fb] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Fix an issue with the Advanced options not being passed …


23:31 Changeset [f4f14d6] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Remove redundant code. Should have been removed here …
17:37 Changeset [8fdd7e8] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Save Filter settings in presets by default. Seems to be …
16:17 Changeset [6d95a890] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
Macgui: Remove last vestiges of the deprecated job->vfr. git-svn-id: …


20:38 Changeset [568c83a] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - 2 Exceptions fixed. (Removing a preset failed and After …
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LinGui: fix a potential crash when hud is destroyed link list could …
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Starting to clean up / rewrite parts of the faq (diff)
00:18 Changeset [9c94517] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: remember user window size changes window size gets stored in …


21:12 AvgBitrateAndTargetSize edited by sr55
another typo (diff)
20:47 Changeset [d0d0673] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - added mpeg2 option to the encoders list. git-svn-id: …
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typo (diff)
12:10 Changeset [e63f490] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
HE-AAC support for the OSX port. Thanks go to amarcus, ritsuka and …


20:26 Changeset [4d2dce2] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: fix a problem with display of audio gain value. Was not …
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Improvements to this page. (diff)
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Page Updates (diff)


18:36 Changeset [c921f02] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Switching Audio Selection dropdown to be databound. Added …
15:21 Changeset [680ed83] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Moved DRC onto the advanced audio panel and tweaked the UI …
02:58 Changeset [a05f96f] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Add ffmpeg Mpeg2 encoder support. - Patch by Rodeo. Thanks! …
01:17 Changeset [53655cb] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: Fix PAR overflow issues. PAR values were saturating the max …
01:11 Changeset [f7cf275] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Fix int overflow that can happen when computing PAR If the source has …


22:42 Changeset [61460ce] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: implement Frame Rate Mode as per the Lingui. - Removes the …
21:04 Changeset [a264b3c] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Added "Advanced" audio options floating popup window. * …
20:01 Changeset [70fee54] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Add "Send to" option. This will pass the encoded output file …
15:38 Changeset [463b212] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: fix incorrect list element free in custom hud widget was …
14:22 Changeset [4ae66f9] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Allow SRT File Paths up to 256 characters - Patch by Rodeo as …
00:40 Changeset [8ce24dc] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: Remove old unnecessary gtk bug workaround. They seem to have …


23:18 Changeset [ac8d518] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Fix ubuntu package dependency again :( it's picky about the name. …
22:15 Changeset [265f7a4] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Fix another ubuntu natty package dependency issue. git-svn-id: …
20:25 ConstantQuality edited by sr55
20:24 ConstantQuality edited by sr55
20:24 ConstantQuality edited by sr55
Added notes about the benefits of Constant quality. Made the … (diff)
20:09 AvgBitrateAndTargetSize edited by sr55
Added better warning about the downsides of target filesize (diff)
16:48 Changeset [e98be3a] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
CLI: update help text to add ffmpeg mpeg-2 encoder git-svn-id: …
15:57 Changeset [577d474] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Fix a build dependency for ubuntu 11.04 packaging git-svn-id: …


18:27 Changeset [f305347] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Add Ubutnu 11.04 to nightly builds git-svn-id: …
18:19 Changeset [116a173] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Change HB.version from "svnXXXX" to "XXXXsvn" This fixes an issue with …


22:17 Changeset [36800929] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Fix a problem with BD audio detection. Each clip of a BD are allowed …


17:39 Changeset [48e2cd87] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Fix a deadlock that can happen with p-to-p encoding With p-to-p, the …


16:48 VariableFrameRate edited by sr55
Removed invalid caveats (diff)
11:35 Changeset [9cc5c63] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Fix a culture issue with user settings (x264) - Made the …


20:55 Changeset [cd46f30] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Another QueryGenerator? fix for VP3. Don't specify an empty …
20:54 Changeset [fe415d1] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Fixed ffmpeg advanced options panel CLI query generation. …
20:53 Changeset [ef18250] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: - Improved audio panel design. git-svn-id: …
20:32 Changeset [40d04d0] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Handle boundaries between blueray clips better. These boundaries are …
19:34 Changeset [5f692a6] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: AudioPanel? refactored. - Switch the Audio panel to use …
18:10 Changeset [122c93f] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Eliminate incompatible pointer type warnings for sws_scale …
17:44 Changeset [db4b25f] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Use bibiliographic form of ISO-639-2 lang codes in muxmkv The …
16:49 Changeset [f20621c] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Change internal audio representation range ...from float …


00:19 Changeset [de122b0] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
Fix dts downmix when the output encoder is lame libdca downmix is …


18:42 Changeset [8f38579] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
bump x264 from r1913 to r1924 It's that time again... git-svn-id: …
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