21:44 Changeset [97db041] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
Added extra software to THANKS file. git-svn-id: …
20:00 Changeset [805faa0] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
0.9.x branch creation git-svn-id: …
19:19 Changeset [78052b5] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Another attempt to fix the SampleRate? culture bug. Missed a …
19:01 Changeset [2efd8f2] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: (WPF) Further work wiring up the new UI. git-svn-id: …
18:58 Changeset [e04721a] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
0.9.x branch for bug fixes. git-svn-id: …


21:54 Changeset [5bb4078] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Use specified culture for samplerate. git-svn-id: …
21:49 Changeset [98829bd] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Fix samplerate culture issue. git-svn-id: …


04:30 Changeset [825a1d7]0.9.6 by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: checkin make/configure.py to increment to 0.9.6 git-svn-id: …


23:35 Changeset [632bee1] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Minor fix to last commit. git-svn-id: …
23:34 Changeset [4ccd143] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Update NEWS again. git-svn-id: …
21:02 Milestone HandBrake 0.9.6 completed
== Encoders == Video - Updated libx264 (revision 2146) - …
20:14 Changeset [238f0ddf] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Adding myself to AUTHORS file. git-svn-id: …
19:54 Changeset [6bf6abc] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
Updated the NEWS file git-svn-id: …
19:51 Changeset [5489360] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Update build numbers and copyright. git-svn-id: …
19:48 Changeset [c3f9579] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Fix a potential crash in the plist importer git-svn-id: …


00:43 Changeset [fa5ab86] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Add a meaningful error message to the log when a 32-bit MP4 encode …


00:23 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Add --min-duration and --x264-* options. (diff)
00:05 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
00:03 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Forgot to add --ac (diff)


23:53 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Update CLI help after revision 4463. (diff)
23:52 Changeset [7a44812] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Fix typo. git-svn-id: svn://svn.handbrake.fr/HandBrake/trunk@4463
23:48 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Update "Script Writers" paragraph (diff)
23:45 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Update "Subtitle Options" section (diff)
23:16 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Update "Picture Settings" section (diff)
21:58 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Update "Multiple audio tracks" section (diff)
21:29 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Misc. updates (diff)
18:54 Changeset [b2de088] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Pass "none" to --audio-copy-mask when all autopassthru …


23:56 Changeset [8bd4efe] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Add HB_INVALID_AUDIO_QUALITY define. -1 is valid for Vorbis VBR and …
23:38 Changeset [2599def] by jstebbins <jstebbins.hb@…>
LinGui: fix audio gain and quality icon display. Accidentally broke …


15:22 Changeset [635041d] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Advanced Options Cleanup window when Theora is chosen. - Hide …
00:21 Changeset [a286659] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
MacGUI: fix typo + minor cleanup after the last few libavcodec/theora …


22:14 Changeset [dbdaaba] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Fix an issue where lavc options were shown and passed when …
21:11 SupportFAQ edited by sr55
21:10 SupportFAQ edited by sr55
Re-words / .NET 4 (diff)
20:09 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Remove some obsolete options and fix one (diff)
20:05 CLIGuide edited by Rodeo
Examples that will actually work with 0.9.6 (diff)
19:43 SupportFAQ edited by Rodeo
VLC vs. libdvdcss, other misc. updates (diff)


22:09 Changeset [68395c1] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: (WPF) General work hooking up various aspects of the new WPF …
20:46 Changeset [be861eb] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Quick hack to force width to update when changing preset for …


21:45 Changeset [d3d7b47] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Print more Auto Passthru information to the Activity Log: passthru …
18:24 Changeset [7912c65] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Set default audio compression in hb_autopassthru_apply_settings to get …
17:53 Changeset [616e920] by dynaflash <dynaflashtech@…>
MacGui: Advanced Options fixes - Fix advanced FFmpeg options in …
16:08 Changeset [1a400b7] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Fix typo. git-svn-id: svn://svn.handbrake.fr/HandBrake/trunk@4451


20:24 Changeset [9b2e288] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Undo the change to use internal exception handling as they …


20:03 Changeset [1d8bc5d] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Fix a couple of trival gui bugs and force all exceptions to be …


20:07 Changeset [4da15bc] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Fix AllowSleep/Prevent? Sleep to always use the same thread. …
03:02 Changeset [e249cb1] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
MacGUI: chnage the wording of the "dvdcss not found" warning to …


03:18 Changeset [f24bfbf] by Rodeo <tdskywalker@…>
Manicure: fix "AC3 (ffmpeg)" encoder; should be "ffac3", not "ac3". …


22:14 UpdatingContribs edited by Rodeo
Add useful tip (diff)
22:07 UpdatingContribs edited by Rodeo
Cobtrib is called ffmpeg and resides in 'ffmpeg' folder, but we use … (diff)


23:13 Changeset [c3077f8] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: (WPF) Initial wire-up work on the Picture settings panel and …
20:43 Changeset [1d504d5] by sr55 <sr55.hb@…>
WinGui: Don't cleanup queue files in multi-instance mode. git-svn-id: …
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