Average Bitrate

Unless you really need to aim for a target filesize (which we recommend against), it is highly recommended that you use Constant Quality

Bitrate is the number of bits dedicated to the video in a second. And remember, that gets split between ~24-30 frames. When you set an average bitrate, the encoder will vary the number of bits given to any one portion of the video, but try to keep everything at the average you set.

  • The video bitrate can be set on the "Video Tab"
  • It is recommended that you use 2-Pass encoding.
    • This will provide better quality and better bit-rate distribution. A single pass will lead to sub-optimal results.
      • The "Turbo" checkbox will make the first pass quicker at the expense of quality. Most of the time this loss is minimal and not appreciable by the viewer.
    • The downside is it can take up to twice as long to encode a file.

Target Filesize

Most people aim for a file size out of habit, or a desire to have all their content the same size. This is a bad idea.

Not all videos are created equal. Some files require more bit-rate to achieve the same quality as different video.

Should you have an edge case where it's actually necessary to encode to a particular size, you'll need to use a bit-rate calculator. You can search for one of these with your favorite search engine.

When using the calculator, remember to include Audio tracks. You should also note that it is likely your end result will not be exactly what the calculator figures so you may need to factor in a margin for error.

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