The queue allows you to set up a batch of video processing jobs at one time. Each job will then be processed sequentially.

Load up a source and choose a preset (and set any additional options you choose), then press the "Add to Queue" button on the toolbar. Repeat the process for each new source and title you want.

Job Information

To see a list of pending jobs, click the "Show Queue" button. This will give you basic information about each job. (source, destination and basic settings etc)
You can remove and re-arrange the jobs in this window.


The queue file is written to disk, so in the event that HandBrake crashes or you close it down, it should be restored the next time you launch HandBrake.

Batch Adding (Experimental feature)

You can add all titles to the queue with this experimental option. (Either accessible via the File menu, or toolbar button (on windows))

Note, since the UI can't predict what Audio and Subtitle language tracks the user wants, these will be reset to the native language selected in preferences for each title.
If you are adding additional tracks, you will want to avoid using this feature.

Make sure you have the auto-naming feature turned on in preferences.

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