HandBrake supports a wide varity of input formats.

  • Almost any video file format that libavformat and libavcodec support.
    Note: Your mileage may vary with less common / proprietary formats.
  • Unencrypted DVD (or DVD Images. e.g .ISO files) or Bluray discs (but not images). HandBrake can not read copy protected discs.
    It is recommended that you copy any discs to the local hard drive first before encoding.

Scanning a Source

In order to encode a video, HandBrake must first scan the source to derive the necessary information about the video. In the GUI's, simply click the source icon on the Toolbar and navigate to where your source is located in the file dialog.

Batch Scan

You can scan multiple source files at once. Simply point HandBrake at a directory and it will scan each source it finds in that directory.
After the scan has completed, you will find each source listed as a title under the "Title" dropdown on the main window.
Changing title will indicate which source file it belongs to.


  • You can not batch scan DVD, Blu-ray Discs or images (iso, img etc) of them.
  • HandBrake only scans at the source directory level, it will not recursively search a directory tree.

Troubleshooting Source problems

Most of the time when HandBrake has trouble reading a disc or video file it's for one of the following reasons:

  1. The source is copy protected. HandBrake is not a ripper and does not have the ability to remove the copy protection from files.
  2. The source is badly mastered or badly formed. For many file formats there are tools that can repair broken files so it's worth searching google for them. You should not that just because a file is playable, doesn't mean it doesn't have problems.
  3. It's in a format that HandBrake doesn't support.
  4. If you have used a tool to remove the copy protection, it may have caused problems with the output. Try another tool.
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