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Updated Titles and Chapters

Titles and Chapters

Source Panel for 0.9.5

DVDs, blu-ray discs and video files can be divided into titles and chapters. Usually a title is a whole feature, like a movie. Chapters, then, divide the movie up logically.
In a DVD or Blu-ray disc menu, if you use "Scene Selection," you are navigating by chapter.

HandBrake lets you specify what title you wish to encode.

You also have the option to encode only part of the title you have selected.

There are three options:

  • Chapters,
  • Seconds, e.g 60-180 means it will encode 2 minutes of video, starting 1 minute into the title.
  • Frames, e.g (25-150) will encode 5 seconds of video if the framerate is 25fps. Starting after the 1st second of video.

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